The best thing about Malika  fresh turmeric is that it has a pleasantly mild and sharp taste. The fresh turmeric gives a rich taste and flavors to the dish. This looks more similar to ginger, but the taste is earthy , bitter and peppery. 

The fresh turmeric root can be used to lend a yellowish-orange color to soups, rice, gravy and fried rice. Malika Turmeric Powder is one of the household ingredients in cooking. The turmeric is finely grinded and blends in your recipes to give your dishes rich flavor & a warm golden yellow hue. 

It has been grown without any added preservatives or added colors. Add to your delicious food, soups and snacks recipes. Malika  Turmeric powder has more medical benefits as per Ayurvedic medicinal products some of them are a natural healing agent for cuts and bruises.  
It helps in quick recovery from cough, cold and sore throat. Turmeric is the grand ingredient that makes excellent out of all Indian dishes. Malika turmeric powder is the best quality and natural flavors one that can be found in leading stores.
Malika Turmeric is the topmost grade of culinary turmeric produced in India. This grade of turmeric is mostly exported and has a strong and natural color.


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