Prome Aam Ras Mango Juice:


Live the Prome juice Life India’s favorite mango juice, Prome is a 30 plus year trusted brand loved by millions of people. Prome  has found its place in every Indian household on just about every social occasion. Prome  is made of real mango pulp. 

Almost every Indian has grown up with Prome and we want to keep growing up with you. Enjoy the lip-smacking taste of your favorite mango drink from the house of Prome, India’s no.1 juices and nectar brand. 

Prome brings to you the new Real mango drinks made from hand-picked mangoes. This fruit beverage is so thick with mangoes that each pulp of it is like biting deep into the tender goodness of ripe, juicy mangoes. India and mangoes go a long way. 

A fruit so succulent, so sweet and so desired, that Indians waited impatiently for the seasons to turn and bring them closer to their beloved fruit. Keeping this fascination with mangoes we present you Prome which is a refreshing Mango Drink that celebrates the taste of mangoes! 

Prome fruit expertise and Slices taste perfection have come together and Mango fruits are now Prome Drinks are non-alcoholic concentrated drinks that are used in beverage making. It is usually fruit-flavored, made from fruit juice, water, and sugar or a sugar substitute.

Prome assures a day-long health regime for you with its exhaustive range of packaged fruit and vegetable products. With a claim to unmatched quality and taste Prome encloses nature and serves it on your table.


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