Prome Aromatic Rice is defined by its long grains, non sticky and amazing aromatic flavor. Having this rice is truly having a feast rozzana (a daily feast) combine it with your veggies and serve a nice pulao, biryani. Without this Prome aromatic Rice, your pulao or some other dish will seem dull and tasteless . 

It is unique and makes  good recipes amman Indian rice leaves a lasting impression because of its flavor and fluffy texture. This rice is complete of the variety ensuring great quality and taste. It ensures premium quality and high nutritional value. 

With its wonderful rich aroma and size, this prome aromatic rice is best suitable for all varieties of dishes ranging from Dal Chawal and Jeera Rice to Pulao, chicken fried rice and Biryani. Prome aromatic Premium Rice is defined by its fine texture, long and slender pearlescent white grains, and distinct aroma. 

When cooked, the grains elongate up to three times in length then normal rice. The distinguished flavor of this rice turns everyday meals rich aroma and delicious flavor to the dish. Best finest aromatic Rice is a perfect blend of quality & taste. Best Premium is the extra long and non sticky aromatic rice. 

Every grain of it brings out a distinct aroma & becomes fluffy, thin, long & non sticky. It is an extraordinary variety of rice having a sweet taste to soothe your taste buds. Prome Aromatic rice is known to have small percentages of protein while being low in fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, it is a good source of carbohydrates and calcium.

Incorporate the goodness of aromatic rice in your diet which will satisfy your rice cravings along with enriching your diet. It is lightweight and sweet-smelling and measured to be of the premium quality. It has a distinctive taste and is matched by rice from any region. It is the tastiest of all the aromatic rice available in the state. 


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